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Sicilian Proverbs of the Day

Wine is as sweet as honey but it can be abused.

Sicilian Proverbs

The man with a beautiful wife is always singing, the one with little money is always counting.

When the partridge sings in the stone quarry bring the wood into the haystack.

The woman like the hen, gets lost if she walks too far.

The honorable man lives in difficulty.

When there are lots of insects, look for a good grain year.

To get the best dowry, marry the poor man's first daughter but the rich man's last daughter.

By Saint Candelora day if it's not snowing or raining, winter is over.

If you have a business you have to smile at everyone.

Leave the hot fire and help the woman in labor.

A long dress makes a lady.

When you think you have the wind at your back, that's when you'll be disappointed.

A hitch makes a calf, a sty makes a pig, the open field makes lamb, the hay barn makes a kid goat.

During an epidemic doctors are happy.

Keep watch for the appearing mushroom.

- Sicilian Sayings in English

Nothing can end favorably without heavenly guidance.

The good that you scoff at and ignore, you'll recognize when you lose it.

Don't trust your enemy's advice.

Like feathers, words are blown away by the wind.

Everyone wants to go to heaven; the desire is there but the fortitude is not.

The time for pressing is while the iron is hot.

Justice and health, woe to the one who seeks them.

Tribulations and blessings, if you have them, keep them.

Cheese, pears and bread, is not the food of peasants.

While we are the Pope we'll pontificate; who knows if we'll be Pope another time.

A man is a man to the extent that he sticks by his word.

Owning land is like fighting a war.

Women always tend to the bad.

There are a hundred owners besides you until the wheat is harvested.

Day doesn't come without night following.

Who arrives at the mill first, grinds.

If you want to eat freshly caught fish, you don't want to have a tight purse.

Everyone runs to cut wood from the fallen tree.

When you're travelling, don't speak poorly of your neighbor.

Every beauty has some fault and every plain jane some grace.

Man is valued for his word, the ox for his horns.

The justice of God is better than the justice of the world.

Sicilian Sayings in English

A good old man is better than a bad young man.

A good old man is better than a bad young man.

Sicilian Sayings

There is no victory without sacrifice.

There is no victory without sacrifice.

The beauty of the play is to do deeds and speak little.

The beauty of the play is to do deeds and speak little.

- Sicilian Sayings in English

Good management and feed give eggs.

Good management and feed give eggs.

Sicilian Proverbs

It's useless to tell the lame to run.

It's useless to tell the lame to run.

Dig the hoe in well in the vineyard and pull out the bad growth and the weed.

Dig the hoe in well in the vineyard and pull out the bad growth and the weed.

Sicilian Sayings

Happy are those who are well born, but happier are those who have a good death.

Happy are those who are well born, but happier are those who have a good death.

Seed ground that has been fallow, not ground that has just yielded fruitfully.

Seed ground that has been fallow, not ground that has just yielded fruitfully.

Your value is set by your worth.

Your value is set by your worth.

Sicilian Sayings

God gives cookies to those without teeth.

God gives cookies to those without teeth.

If you close the door, the devil will turn his back on you.

If you close the door, the devil will turn his back on you.

The young man plays the flute, the middle aged man plays the harpsichord, the old man plays the organ.

The young man plays the flute, the middle aged man plays the harpsichord, the old man plays the organ.

Neither believed nor understood is the poor who's offended.

There is nary a feast or a party without a monk or a priest.

It's a good marriage when he's twenty eight and she's eighteen.

There is no knowledge without experience.

Prune cherry and fig trees mercilessly.

Though trouble be lame, it will arrive.

All a doctor's mistakes lie buried.

A big dog doesn't play around with a lap dog.

If you don't want to attract attention, don't start something new.

Sickness is awful, but a relapse is worse.

Judge wine by its taste, and bread by its color.

Having a priest in the house is paradise on earth.

Daughter of a cat, if she doesn't bite she scratches.

The eggs of the brood need to be an odd number.

Marry your children with their peers so you won't regret it someday.

To be rich with bees and mares, is to be rich and have nothing.

You're never too old to learn.

Having health without wealth is being half sick.

Give an apple to the little ones, a book to the old.

Rice, it goes down but does nothing for me.

In fair weather, in calm waters and in peaceful travel, even a coachman knows how to sail.

Speak little in the company of the old.

A bequest, a found treasure, and parsimony make a man wealthy.

Donkeys and women, beat them with a stick, to keep them at task.

To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.

If someone can take whatever you have, give them whatever they ask for.

The man without money seems half sick.

A coddled cat doesn't catch mice.

Religion will perish because of excessive comforts.

The war is lost for too much advice.

Rain and the hoe make onions.

No one does something for nothing.

Youth spent freely, old age spent in poverty.

Sow with the Sirocco but not with the North wind.

Strive to be that which you want to appear to be.

Vegetable garden and mill, don't tell your neighbor how much they yield.

Kind master, give me hay for all of April.

Freedom is a plateful of hard crusts.

One occasion doesn't make the rule.

You need firm care to cure deep melancholy.

Better the bad one from a good breed than the better one from a bad breed.

Her beauty is the only dowery a beautiful girl needs.

April is the time for sweet sleep, don't take things off, don't put things on.

Horses should be bays, jackasses should be greys, and mules should be blackish.

Taking a bite of the bread restores your appetite.

Not every pain comes to harm you.

Water does harm but wine comforts.

For the man a great sweat, for the woman a great physical pain.

Once you've used enough seasoning; using more will spoil the dish.

You can't live a long life and remain upright.

The thief who can't steal anymore has become a Christian.

Who serves well and quietly, expects a lot.

Who spares himself while young, will work until he's old.

A full ear requires three good things: good time, good seeds and good hoeing.

Put a heavy load on an old donkey.

Weapons are of no use to the fearful.

The barking of dogs does not reach heaven.

Completing a transaction with money borrowed at usury is a bad purchase.

When the moon is pale, it will rain; when it's red, it will be windy and when it's clear, it will be serene.

The rich man breaks through the mesh and escapes, the afflicted man remains in the net and is caught.

Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.

Most often a good boss makes a good steward.

Too much rain makes the green grain fall over.

Women and cloth should not be bought in the evening.

Bed rest cures a hurt leg and a sling heals a hurting arm.

The cockroach inside the oakum, the more it tries to free itself, the more it's caught.

When a rich man caresses a poor man, he's going to take advantage of him.

Nut and fig trees need to be pruned aggressively.

Everyone thinks of his own gain, and plays in this way to deceive his companion.

Who looks for a quarrel, finds a quarrel.

Plain oil cures every pain.

Do you want to experience real thirst? Then try eating bitter cardoons and roasted fava beans.

Earnings far away get spent along the way.

When God wants to help you, he comes all the way to your house.

The poor didn't have but gave to charity.

A purchased vineyard is tantamount to a stolen vineyard.

Whoever sows within the vineyard, neither reaps a crop nor harvests grapes.

The early bird catches the worm.

Men in glass houses should not throw stones.

Mountains will never join other mountains but men will confront other men.

Fleeing is shameful but it preserves life.

Once broken, the pack-saddle will follow.

The old woman doesn't want fun, she wants bread, wine, and fire.

Crooked wood is straightened with fire.

When the ear of corn hangs to the side the farmer watches it with comfort.

Laughter without reason, is either crazy or stupid.

Peace won't settle where a woman rules.

Wine is as sweet as honey but it can be abused. *

Bread and wine strengthen the back.

Who has a priest at home, has plenty of food.

The fresh air from the square is better than a draft from a crack.

Who drinks at night, buys himself death, who drinks in bed, buys himself a coffin.

Starting is always difficult, but every desire is attainable.

If you marry you'll suffer in your youth, if you don't marry you'll suffer in your old age.

Sicilian Sayings

At the dining table you should eat without constraint.

Who loses honor won't ever find it.

The most important thing you have to do is to save your soul.

Marriage would be beautiful if it weren't for cradle rocking.

One who is never satisfied is always in need.

The living who is absent is like a dead man.

Don't trust a woman who laughs.

Sicilian Proverbs About Love

Love without pain is not to be found anywhere.

 About Love

Love without pain is not to be found anywhere.

Love and jealousy always keep company.

 About Love

Love and jealousy always keep company.


Love is the more beautiful when it is a little irritated.

 About Love

Love is the more beautiful when it is a little irritated.

Sicilian Proverbs About Love Download

Love entered and you didn't realize it: you wanted to drive it out but you couldn't.

 About Love

Love entered and you didn't realize it: you wanted to drive it out but you couldn't.

Love is apportioned, who brings it will have it brought.

Love the one who loves you, answer the one who calls you.

Lovers' quarrels increase love.

Love is like a cucumber, it starts off sweet and ends up bitter.

Love and arrogance don't go together.

Sicilian Proverbs About Love

Love, beauty and money are three things that can't be hidden.

Love doesn't listen to advice.

Love, everyone says it's bitter, but everyone wants to see for themselves if it's true.

Love is the rock of youth and the shoal of old age.

Sicilian Phrases About Love

Love God with all your heart and ignore the gossip-mongers.

Love is bitter, but it comforts the heart.

Love me, love my dog.

Love, coughing, and smoke can't be kept concealed.

Being in love with a married woman is living on borrowed time.

Involuntary love is worthless.

True love burns within the heart, better than flax and straw.

Without jealousy, love would wither.

Every little love captured as a playful spark becomes a great flame.

When an old man falls in love he is teased by everyone.

A small indignity can destroy a great love.

You don't choose whom to love and not love.

Better a poor husband than a lover who's a baron.

Avoid the bad, love the good, because things change in a moment.

When loves is willing, it finds a way.

Don't love the one who loves you, it's tyranny.

A woman who dresses up and puts on makeup is either in love or a clean whore.

If you want to be loved by all, first love God, then your mother and father.

Whoever marries for love will always live in pain.

New love throws out old love.

When loves knocks, be sure to answer.

You will not be loved if you only think of yourself.

The promises of love and the smoke of a chimney, washed by water and blown away by the wind.

A woman without love is like a rose without a scent.

Whoever falls in love with an old person laments their fortune.

It's a great advantage to love someone in your neighborhood: you see each other often and you don't have to travel.

When there's love, mountains seem like plains.

Good manners and not beauty leads to love.

Although there's a new love, the old love can't be forgotten.

Who suffers because of love, feels no pain.

The love of a stranger is like water in a basket.

Where there is no love there is no charity.

If you want to be happy, love the one who loves you, because it's a waste of time to love someone who doesn't love you.

Who loves with his heart sees from a distance.

Congeniality makes beauty and not beauty love.

Raising children engenders love.

If between friends there is not equality, there won't be perfect love.

Who has cold hands is in love, who has warm hands is loved.

In war, hunting, and love you suffer a thousand pains for one pleasure.

The love of a soldier doesn't last long; when the drum rolls; Good bye, dear lady.

There are four things to which you should not lend credence: love of women, the charity of friars, sun in the winter, and clouds in the summer.

Who loves God with all his heart, lives happy and dies happy.

Don't make friends with monks and soldiers.

God save me from false friends, so that I can protect myself from my enemies.

Be friendly with everyone and counsel with few.

The woman without a husband doesn't have a friend.

Clear pacts, long friendship.

People with money and friends don't esteem justice.

A frequent accounting, a long friendship.

Where malice has taken root, friendship can never be formed.

If an offense has hurt you too much, leave it, my friend, for a future time.

Better to have a good friend than a bad relative.

Never trust your friend with a secret unless he is mute or a dog.

A trusted friend is a priceless treasure.

Your most faithful friends are your own hands.

When you want to serve your friend, you can't worry about your belongings.

Don't maintain a friendship with cops because you'll lose your wine and your cigars.

To recognize a real friend, you have to together have eaten three bushels of salt.

With selling and buying there are neither friends nor cronies.

Beware of false friends with wagging tongues.

Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.

Who doesn't want to stay with friends, is either a cop, a cuckold, or a spy.

Among friends and relatives don't buy or sell anything.

With friends make agreements, with relatives make contracts.

You'll realize he was a friend when you lose him and see him no more.

Luck is the friend of jackasses and the crazy; it's a mortal enemy of the virtuous.

Sicilian Proverb in English

A rock offered by a friend is like an apple.

When you have money you live happily, when you don't you lose your friends.

Don't tell your friend everything that you know; remember that one day you may have him for an enemy.

You won't know who your friends are until you need them.

Oh, oh, oh! three times I say it, who falls into poverty loses his friends.

When you lose friends, you go down many steps.

Sicilian Sayings

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